Korean Acupuncture and

Water Body Type (Reontonia)

By Che Bong Cho, LAc

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Korean Acupuncture places emphasis on eight body types. These include: Metal Yang (pulmotonia), Metal Yin (Colontonia), Wood Yang (hepatonia), Wood Yin (Choecystonia), Earth Yang (Pancreotonia), Water Yang (Renotonia), and Water Yin (Vesicontionia). The theory is that one should know one’s own unique constitutional physiology as well as general physiology in order to lead a healthy life.

This article will focus on the Water Body type. According to oriental medicine, water refers to the kidneys and bladder. A person who is water body type has the strongest kidney Qi compared to the Qi of the other Organs The term Qi in traditional oriental medicine is best described as vital energy or the inner vitality that determines our ability to resist and also recover from various diseases. The theory is that each of our organs has a partner Organ: and that they work together.

In the Water yang body type, organ strength is in the following order: Kidneys are paired with the bladder > lungs are paired with the large intestines > the liver is paired with the gall bladder > the heart is paired with the small intestine > The Spleen is paired with the stomach. The Spleen has the weakest organ Qi. The nature of the kidneys belongs to the water type, which also has a cold nature. Since the kidneys control the reproductive system, the water type has very strong sexual desire. They are very focused on romance, and also have strong bones and limbs. However, spleen and stomach Qi is weakest, so this body type usually has stomach Problems. This body type is also thoughtful and easily stressed. The water body type is characterized as a magnificent physique, generally slender body, slim waste, protruded hips, and an oval face and is very internal, scrupulous, organized, not easily deceived, cynical, not easily excited, a good writer, charming and wears colorful clothes.

They may also experience conventional constipation, feeling all right even with no bowel movement for several days, picky eating, headaches, some digestive problems, little sweating when they exercise or work, low back pain, and insomnia. They might react to cold food by having diarrhea. Korean acupuncture theory believes that these people should eat more warm nature foods such as chicken, beef, goat meat, deer meat, potatoes, ginger, garlic, curry, pepper, etc. Finally, specific oriental medicine and acupuncture can help certain health issues in people with water body type.




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