The Effects of Acupuncture Through the Balance Qi

By Che Bong Cho, LAc

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Our planet enjoys the beauty and benefits of 4 distinct seasons. The changes Mother Nature brings profoundly influence daily routines and life, and even our way of thinking. Just as nature has cycles so do humans, and the connection between the two is somewhat, if not totally, unclear.  Acupuncture and oriental Medicine tries to demonstrate nature within human beings and define the medical relationship between nature and people. So let me explain the thoughts and beliefs behind Oriental medicine.  One of the most mysterious and puzzling elements in Oriental Medicine is the idea of Qi. T he traditional explanation of the beneficial effect of acupuncture relies on the smooth flow of Qi along the meridians. The external Qi circulates outside the human body and the internal Qi circulations inside tissues and organs. They are connected with each other through the channels between inside and outside.

 It is the belief of many Oriental medicine practitioners that physical and emotional trauma, stress, lack of exercise, overexertion, seasonal changes, poor diet, accidents, or excessive activity are among the many things that can influence the quality, quantity, and balance of Qi.  Normally, when a blockage or imbalance occurs, the body bounces back, returning to a state of health and well-being. When this disruption is prolonged, excessive, or if the body is in a weakened state, illness, pain, or disease can set in.  An acupuncturist can do an initial exam, including, a full health history, symptoms, and life-style. Pulse and tongue diagnosis may be conducted during the physical exam. It is believed by certain practitioners that this enables the practitioner to effectively diagnose and detect any specific imbalances of Qi that may have contributed to a person’s health problems.

 The goal of acupuncture is for Qi to freely circulate throughout the body providing adequate nourishment to cells, organs, glands, tissues, and muscles. The result would be the elimination of pain, restoration of balance and harmony along with the body’s natural ability to heal itself, ultimately leading to optimal health and well-being.  The majority of this is still unproven and not well endorsed by western medicine, however, there are millions of people who believe and support it, so it may be time for you to be the judge.




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