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8 Constitutions

Korean acupuncture is a broad categorization of acupuncture that includes some unique techniques and applications as well as techniques and theories from traditional Chinese and Korean Medicine. In general, Korean acupuncture places more of an emphasis on your body type or constitution when developing treatments. These eight constitutions are explained below. Therefore, these theory is that one should know one’s own unique constitutional physiology as well as general physiology, in order to lead a healthy life.

Metal Yang Body Type (Pulmotonia)

  • External Form : broad shoulder, more developing chest, smooth and beautiful skin, fierce eyes and mounting eye tails, projected eyelid, projected malar bone, and projected back head.
  • Personality : creative talent, ingenuity, unrealistic, unsociable and introspective character, incredulous nature, liking music, ferocious nature when gets mad, generally quiet and soft nature, and smooth manners.
  • Physiological problems : easily get allergies and atopic dermatitis, easily get tired and low energy after hot sauna, easily get cold, always nose problems like stuffy nose or inflammation, easily get happy when singing song, hating long time standing, dry skin, and not good for gold jewelry and gold teeth.
  • Reactions to the drugs and foods : Meats – not digestive well, nausea, vomiting, and discomfort of bowel movement. Drugs – a lot of side effects without results, particularly antibiotics. Milk and yoghurt – diarrhea and upset stomach. Anesthesia – side effects and coming back several hours later than normal hours. Fructose injection of Ringer’s solution – improvement from the fatigue and body conditions.
  • Diseases and symptoms: easily get skin diseases, stomach problems, various allergies, liver diseases, stenocardia, myocardial infarction, hypertension, diabetes, large intestine and lung diseases, and thyroid problems.
  • Colors: green is good, but white is bad.
  • Organ strength : lung (large intestine)> spleen (stomach)> heart (small intestine)> kidney (bladder)> liver (gallbladder)


Wood Yang Body type (Hepatonia)

  • External Form : having a magnificent physique, narrow shoulders, a little bit projected abdomen and big waist, and easily gain weight.
  • Personality : less talkative, conservative, easily accommodate to environment, doesn’t like changing environment, not much musical sense, slow action and looks lazy, easily understand and embrace or forgive people, strong investment nature (many business people), and greedy for materials.
  • Physiological problems : Feeling good after sweat or sauna, a little bit higher than normal blood pressure, some trouble for anesthesia or coming back earlier than normal time or on time, getting tired after talking too much, and can not run long distance very much.
  • Foods : likes spicy foods, does not like fishes, get some health problems for bowl movement and sleepy after eating a lot of vegetables.
  • Diseases and symptoms: easily get arthritis, osteoporosis, neuralgia, diabetes, hypertension, liver diseases, respiratory diseases, arteriosclerosis, scapula pain, and a hallucination symptoms.
  • Colors : white is good, and green is bad.
  • Organ strength : liver(gallbladder)> kidney (bladder)> heart(small intestine)> spleen (stomach)> lung (large intestine)


Wood Yin Body Type (Cholecystonia)

  • External form : fat or thin or normal body shape, narrow shoulder, protruded bone and big waist, and soft or weak skin.
  • Personality : overall soft physiognomy and gentleness, fine sensibility, emotionally or easily upset for long time to have revengeful thought, slow action or sometimes hasty, good hand skills, conservative nature to value a tradition, lacking the progressiveness and reformation, easily accommodate to environment, many persons of the wood yin body type – stammer out, good memory for person’s name and numbers, and good playing skills with balls.
  • Physiological problems : several bowel movement a day, hating cold water to drink, sometimes discomfort around belly area and not smooth bowel movement if body condition is bad, sometimes feels heavy legs, feels very good after a lot of sweating or easily get a lot of sweating, sleeping problem if the location is changed, difficult bowel movement during traveling, easily falling into alcoholic and depression.
  • Reactions to the foods : preferring spicy foods, sleepy eating green vegetables, easily having diarrhea after eating melons and raw fishes, Sometimes running to bathroom right after eating foods.
  • Diseases and symptoms to easily get : various neurosis such as depression and insomnia, hypersensitivity large intestine symptoms, easily addictive alcohol and coffee, inflammation and ulcer of the stomach, a duodenal ulcer, a rheumatis arthritis, inflammation of the liver, and easily having the gallstone.
  • Colors : white is good, and green is bad.
  • Organ strength : liver (gallbladder)> kidney (bladder)> heart (small intestine)> spleen (stomach)> lung (large intestine)


Earth Yang Body Type (Pancreotonia)

  • External form: More developed upper body than lower body ( weaker), the glitter of the eyes, small hips, an inverted triangle face.
  • Personality : External, active, impatient, and sociable nature. Most of time uncompleted for work. Even though helping others, neglecting own house work. Sometimes, having tendency for overstatement of themselves. Having a lot of curiosity for new things. Having tendency of leaning to emotion. Having good talent for painting because of better developed eye vision. Good memory from eye vision.
  • Physiological problems: More infertility, easily get diabetes, cold hands and feet, more constipation, lower sexual desire, easily get lower back pain, more get white hairs, generally lower blood pressure.
  • Reactions to foods: Normally fast and well digestion, having some diarrhea when they eat spicy foods.
  • Diseases and symptoms to easily get: diabetes, stomach ulcer, infertility, fibroids, prostatitis, arthritis, heart diseases.
  • Colors : Black is good, but red is not.
  • Organ strength : spleen (stomach)> heart (small intestine)> liver (gallbladder)> lung (large intestine)> kidney (bladder)


Earth Yin Body Type (Gastrotonia)

  • External form : more developed upper body than lower body (weaker), an inverted triangle face, a little bit protruded the cheekbone.
  • Personality : straightforward, impatient, cheerful, bright, and easily get trust People.
  • Physiological problems : easily get penicillin shock, a lot of side effects from antibiotic, and strong digestive system.
  • Reactions to foods : The spicy foods – making heart burn and diarrhea. Apples – making uncomfortable stomach. Greasy mackerel pike and mackerel – digestion problems.
  • Diseases and symptoms to easily get : diabetes, stomach ulcer, and duodenal ulcer.
  • Colors : Black is good, but red is bad.
  • Organ strength : spleen (stomach)> lung (large intestine)> heart (small intestine)> liver (gallbladder)> kidney (bladder)


Water Yang Body Type (Renotonia)

  • External form : generally slim body, slim waist, a little bit protruded hips, and a oval face.
  • Personality : internal, scrupulous, arrange neatly, not easily trust people, good writer, charming, wearing attractive and colorful clothes.
  • Physiological problems : conventional constipation and physical feeling all right even though no bowel movement for several days, eating picky, easily get headache, sometimes digestion problems, strong sexual desire, and less sweat when they exercise or working hard.
  • Reactions to foods : having diarrhea after eating cold foods, pork, and Melon. They like sweet foods.
  • Diseases and symptoms : easily get constipation, stomach problems, headache, lower back pain, and insomnia.
  • Colors : Red is good but black is bad.
  • Organ strength : kidney (bladder)> lung (large intestine)> liver (gallbladder)> heart (small intestine)> spleen (stomach)


Water Yin Body Type (Vesicotonia)

  • External form : generally slim body, slim waist, a little bit protruded hips, a oval face, and weak upper body but strong lower body.
  • Personality : internal, arrange neatly, scrupulous, gentle and soft nature, and thinking for long time.
  • Physiological problems : generally cold hands and feet, easily get chilly when whether is cold, less sweater than other body types, and sigh a lot. diarrhea after eating cold foods, stomach problems after over eating, and they like sweet foods.
  • Reactions to foods : diarrhea after eating cold foods or melon or pork, and easily stomach problems after over eating.
  • Diseases and symptoms: depression, lower blood pressure, diarrhea, less appetite, gastroptosis, and stomach incapacity.
  • Colors : Red is good but is bad.
  • Organ strength : kidney (bladder)> liver (gallbladder)> heart (small intestine) > lung (large intestine)> spleen (stomach)





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