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Life force or energy, flows throughout the body

Dr. Cho is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist of Oriental Medicine.
He is an expert at eight constitutions, Sa Am, and Dong Shi acupuncture techniques. Specially, these techniques are very powerful in treating most of the acute and chronic symptoms. Also, he has own specific diagnosis for many symptoms, such as eight body types which have 8 different pulse reflections to make a determination what is the fundamental issues of the people for their health problems. Generally, he applies eight constitution acupuncture techniques at first and following the Sa Am or Dong Shi acupuncture techniques to make Yin and Yang balance Qi for the internal and the external balance.

  • Qi : Life force or energy, flows throughout the body.
  • Qi: Animates the body and protects it from illness, pain and disease.
  • Qi: Flows through specific pathways that are connected to specific organs and glands.

When meridian pathways flow, they bring life-giving Qi that provides nourishment to every cell, organ, gland, and tissue in the body.
When Qi is blocked, it can influence the quality or quantity of balance or unbalance of Qi. When a blockage or unbalance is prolonged, excessive, or if the
body is in a weakened state, illness, pain or disease can set in.

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